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Month: February 2018

Some things and ideas: February 2018

Posted On February 27, 2018
Some internet links and ideas I've liked or found interesting in the past month Bill Nygren (Oakmark) Interview transcript I loved this interview. The line that really stuck out to me (and which modest proposal highlighted) is how twenty years ago you could simply buy low P/E stocks, but today the cheap stocks generally deserve […]

$YUME $RTHM merger update

Posted On February 20, 2018
Late last year I posted a two part idea (part 1 and part 2) on the YUME / RTHM (disclosure: long) merger arbitrage. The merger closed earlier this month and I’ve got a few new thoughts so I wanted to do an update post. This update will focus on two things: first, some new fundamental […]

Venturing through the GCI proxy $LVNTA

Posted On February 12, 2018
Note: I wrote this LVNTA / GNCMA (disclosure: I'm long both) update in late September; however, I didn’t want to post it till the shareholder votes went through. As we inch towards the deal closing / as hordes of investors post the idea on Sumzero (and I’m sure posts on VIC, Seekingalpha, etc. are coming […]

Markets in (semi)Panic

Posted On February 9, 2018
As I write this, markets are down ~5% on the year and maybe 11% from their all time highs reached in late January. Markets are up around 11% over the past year. Read that sentence again. It's a bit funny to title a blog post "markets in panic" when describing a market up 11% over […]

Checking into Rezidor $REZT

Posted On February 7, 2018
Upfront note: Rezidor (trades in Stockholm under REZT; disclosure: long) is an international and relatively illiquid stock. Please do your own research and remember that I am often a bagholder. I’ve increasingly been looking internationally, specifically at Europe and Canada, for new investments. There are two particular areas in those markets I’ve found attractive. First, […]
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