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Year: 2018

Some things and ideas: February 2018

Posted On February 27, 2018
Some internet links and ideas I've liked or found interesting in the past month Bill Nygren (Oakmark) Interview transcript I loved this interview. The line that really stuck out to me (and which modest proposal highlighted) is how twenty years ago you could simply buy low P/E stocks, but today the cheap stocks generally deserve […]

$YUME $RTHM merger update

Posted On February 20, 2018
Late last year I posted a two part idea (part 1 and part 2) on the YUME / RTHM (disclosure: long) merger arbitrage. The merger closed earlier this month and I’ve got a few new thoughts so I wanted to do an update post. This update will focus on two things: first, some new fundamental […]

Venturing through the GCI proxy $LVNTA

Posted On February 12, 2018
Note: I wrote this LVNTA / GNCMA (disclosure: I'm long both) update in late September; however, I didn’t want to post it till the shareholder votes went through. As we inch towards the deal closing / as hordes of investors post the idea on Sumzero (and I’m sure posts on VIC, Seekingalpha, etc. are coming […]

Markets in (semi)Panic

Posted On February 9, 2018
As I write this, markets are down ~5% on the year and maybe 11% from their all time highs reached in late January. Markets are up around 11% over the past year. Read that sentence again. It's a bit funny to title a blog post "markets in panic" when describing a market up 11% over […]

Checking into Rezidor $REZT

Posted On February 7, 2018
Upfront note: Rezidor (trades in Stockholm under REZT; disclosure: long) is an international and relatively illiquid stock. Please do your own research and remember that I am often a bagholder. I’ve increasingly been looking internationally, specifically at Europe and Canada, for new investments. There are two particular areas in those markets I’ve found attractive. First, […]

Thoughts on the market and where we see upside and opportunity

Posted On January 19, 2018
As I sat down to write my annual letter, I had just read "Are We in a Bubble? - Honestly: Yes" (from the always sublime Geoff Gannon), so I wanted to put some thoughts on market valuations down. My views ended up sharing a lot with this post from Albert Bridge Capital (I had already […]

Some things and ideas, January 2018

Posted On January 11, 2018
Some internet links and ideas I've liked or found interesting so far this month. Brooklyn Investor on Bitcoin and Barnes & Nobles (BKS) I love every word of this post. Bitcoin: His thoughts on bitcoin and the “value” fund managers long it mirror my own. It’s no surprise that the most famous fund managers who […]
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