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Month: February 2020

Markets in (semi)Panic 3: not even a semi-panic yet

Posted On February 26, 2020
Every now and then, I'll write a "markets in Panic" post. It's generally on the heels of a 10-20% decline when people are freaking out a bit. The last one I did was in December 2018. That post didn't quite mark the bottom; the market would drop another 5-7% over the next week before bottoming […]

Wrestling with $WWE

Posted On February 18, 2020
As a whole, this blog is meant to cover anything that's interesting to me in investing. Sometimes that means just general investing theory and thoughts (like the "monthly pondering" I post in each month's links post), but in general that means specific investing ideas and themes. And, over the life of this blog, no investing […]

A quickie idea: Delek $DK

Posted On February 4, 2020
A while back, I mentioned I was going to start a series of "quickie ideas".
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