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$CHTR earnings were nice.... but it's still way too cheap

Posted On February 5, 2019
I'm happy to do work on (and possibly invest in) just about anything, and I think the stuff I post on this blog reflects that "openness". Microcap pharma company after a failed phase II? Check. Airline loyalty company after it's lost its airline? Why not? Hairy take-unders where the majority controller is screwing / stealing […]

Christmas Ideas for 2019: Honorable Mentions $CHTR $GLIBA $IAC $MSG $MEIP $GAPFF $CVI $I

Posted On December 13, 2018
In yesterday's post, I introduced my Christmas Ideas for 2019 series (I wrote it early morning and somehow managed to misspell Christmas in the title; a misspelling that will live in infamy on twitter for the rest of time). Today I wanted to run through some "honorable mention" ideas that I thought about profiling for […]

How Big of a Threat is 5G Fixed Wireless to Cable? $CHTR $VZ

Posted On December 7, 2018
I’ve written about cable a lot on this blog, and Charter represents, by far, my largest position (which I’m long through GLIBA / LBRDA), so it’s no surprise that a lot of the inbound contacts / questions I get relate to cable (I sometimes worry that I live in a cable bull echo chamber, since […]

Some updated thoughts on Charter post earnings $CHTR

Posted On August 1, 2018
In general, I don’t like to write follow up pieces on the blog. It’s way more fun to research and write about new companies / situation / ideas, and I think it’s more fun for you (the reader) to read about new things as well. So I tend to avoid follow up pieces unless I […]

Cord cutting and other cable risks $CHTR

Posted On October 5, 2017
An increasingly long time ago, I was an analyst for a consulting firm. In ~2012, we were working with one of the big cable companies and I was on a call discussing some work I was doing modeling their finances going forward using different assumptions for cord cutting (things like what if 3% of customers […]

Still bullish on Charter $CHTR

Posted On October 2, 2017
I’ve previously published some bullish thoughts on Charter (disclosure: net long through the Liberty complex), but I wanted to publish some random updated thoughts here (to tip my hand, I plan on publishing a Liberty Ventures (LVNTA, disclosure: long) update in the wake of the GCI proxy getting filed and wanted to have updated thoughts […]

Charter: A levered return of capital story for the ages $CHTR

Posted On June 28, 2017
Charter is undervalued versus peers Insiders are very bullish on Charter and the company is buying shares back like crazy I don’t think the market realizes just how wild (in a good way) these share buybacks are yet Charter (CHTR; disclosure: I am net long this through different pieces of the Liberty complex) is a […]

Comcast: buy the cable business, get everything else for (almost) free? $CMCSA

Posted On May 8, 2020
I spend a lot of time looking at and thinking about the cable / telecom / media sectors, and you can't spend any time on either of those without thinking about / looking at Comcast (CMCSA) given their ownership of Xfinity (the largest cable company in the U.S.) and NBC (one of the largest media […]

Yet another guide to media stocks, Part 5a: Corona impacts

Posted On April 28, 2020
Hi! Welcome to Part 5a of Yet Another Guide to media stocks. Today’s post will cover how COVID is impacting the media sector. Before diving in, I’d highly encourage you to check out the intro section to the guide, which goes over why I’m doing this and dives into the most important thing hitting the […]

Some things and ideas: February 2020

Posted On March 2, 2020
Some random thoughts on articles that caught my attention in the last month. Note that I try to write notes on articles immediately after reading them, so there can be a little overlap in themes if an article grabs my attention early in the month and is similar to an article that I like later […]