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Category: AER

Some updated thoughts on $AER

Posted On March 3, 2020
I mentioned AER in my markets in semi-panic post last week, and I wanted to revisit the stock this week.

Markets in (semi)Panic 3: not even a semi-panic yet

Posted On February 26, 2020
Every now and then, I'll write a "markets in Panic" post. It's generally on the heels of a 10-20% decline when people are freaking out a bit. The last one I did was in December 2018. That post didn't quite mark the bottom; the market would drop another 5-7% over the next week before bottoming […]

Should the airplane lessors be flying higher? $AER $AL

Posted On July 1, 2019
I mentioned the aircraft lessors in my June links post, and as I was writing the post I decided I wanted to do a fuller write up on the lessors because I thought I had a few non-consensus views on them and, in particular, on their risks (in addition, I think the discussion of Buffett's […]

Work in progress articles and becoming an "industry expert"

Posted On January 30, 2019
One of my New Year's Resolution was to post more "work in progress" articles. In general, my "work in progress" articles tend to be on smaller positions where I still have lingering questions. My goal with "work in progresses" articles are to initiate a discussion around the company / position where people who have more […]
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