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Category: BREW

Brewing up some March Madness $BREW

Posted On March 21, 2019
I generally try not to write updates on ideas (except for Charter (CHTR; disclosure: long); there you get an update basically every quarter!), but I figured an update on my March 2017 post on Craft Brew Alliance (BREW; disclosure: long) was topical because 1) it's March Madness, and they'll be airing some nationwide Kona ads, […]

Something's BREWing at CBA $BREW

Posted On March 29, 2017
Craft Brew Alliance (ticker: Brew, but nicknamed CBA) new deal with Anheuser-Busch could lead to a buyout at a big premium. Declines at other brands have hidden Kona's growth recently, but that should change in the near future At today's prices, shareholders have multiple ways to win. In August, Craft Brew Alliance (ticker: BREW; CBA […]
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