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Category: HRG

Christmas Ideas 2019 (Plus 2018 Ideas Follow Up!) $DVMT $AABA $SPB $RTHM

Posted On December 12, 2018
For Christmas last year, I offered a corny segment where I presented (pending pun intended) 3-4 ideas to readers as a Christmas present. I hope you’re not offended, but I’ve decided to “give” you the same thing this year and write up three to four ideas again. Obviously I’m lazy, so rather than write up […]

New Year Idea #2: HRG Spectrum Brands Merger $HRG $SPB

Posted On December 27, 2017
In general, I’ve tried to use this blog to focus on deeper dive / in depth looks at companies and situations. But, as my Christmas present to you, this week I’m going to “present” (pun intended) three (note: I was planning four, but decided not to present one due to a combination of extreme illiquidity […]
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