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Category: KTB

Premium case study: Kontoor Brands $KTB

Posted On June 24, 2020
I recently went on "the special situations podcast", and on it I mentioned my premium service's June idea, Kontoor Brands (KTB). I'd been weighing posting premium ideas publicly once they'd played out as part case studies / part advertisements. I don't think KTB has fully played out yet (though it has partially played out with […]

Kontoor Brands: silly name, silly price? $KTB

Posted On June 26, 2019
Kontoor Brands (KTB; disclosure: long) is a recent spin-off from VF Corp (VFC). At today's prices, I think shares are too cheap, and I expect shares will "snap back" once the typical spin dynamics have played out and the company finds its investor base / announces its first dividend and gets onto dividend investor watch […]
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