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Category: REZT

Christmas Idea #1: Radisson Hospitality $RADH

Posted On December 14, 2018
Earlier this week, I introduced this year's Christmas Ideas series and presented some "honorable mentions." Today, I'm diving into my first Christmas Present Idea: Radisson Hospitality (RADH, trades in Stockholm. Disclosure: this is a semi-illiquid international stock which I am long; please do your own due diligence).

Checking into Rezidor $REZT

Posted On February 7, 2018
Upfront note: Rezidor (trades in Stockholm under REZT; disclosure: long) is an international and relatively illiquid stock. Please do your own research and remember that I am often a bagholder. I’ve increasingly been looking internationally, specifically at Europe and Canada, for new investments. There are two particular areas in those markets I’ve found attractive. First, […]