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Category: SYNL

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Reviewing my three worst mistakes of the year: $QRTEA $I $SYNL $ANGI $IAC

Posted On December 13, 2019
It may be the middle of December, but the year is prepping to wrap up for me. I'm going on my honeymoon this afternoon, and while I have skillfully negotiated with my wife that I will be allowed to work a little during the honeymoon, there are limits to how much a man can negotiate....

Synalloy quietly undervalued and in play $SYNL

Posted On May 20, 2019
In late April, Privet made an offer to take Synalloy (SYNL; disclosure: long) private at $20/share. Synalloy quickly rejected the offer, and with SYNL's shares currently trading for ~$18.45/share, the market clearly doubts the odds of Privet successfully taking Synalloy private are good. I disagree with the market; I think there's a very good chance […]
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