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Category: TRCO

My mixed feelings on broadcasters $NXST $SBGI $TRCO

Posted On September 7, 2018
This will not come as a surprise to frequent readers, but the two topics I spend most of my time thinking / reading about are sports media (a recurring theme in my monthly “some things I like” is a sports media update) and the cable business (though honestly I think calling it a cable business […]

Some notes from the spectacular Tribune Sinclair lawsuit $SBGI $TRCO

Posted On August 13, 2018
I’ve been looking at the local broadcasters (Nexstar, Tribune, Sinclair, etc.) recently (no position in any of them currently) due to a combination of curiosity, cheapness, and interest in the sector given overlap with a lot of my cable / telecom investments. I might have a (much) longer article on them at some point on […]
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