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Category: Uncategorized

My failed April Fools' post $NFLX

Posted On April 2, 2018
I spent the morning trying to write a combo April Fool’s post / prank*. I’ve put the summary of the idea in the footnotes if you’re interested in it; ultimately I decided not to finish / post the article. But spending time on the article did get me thinking about April Fool’s and investing, and […]

Comcast and the "curse" of "diversified holdings" companies $CMCSA

Posted On March 21, 2018
I was swapping thoughts back and forth with a few people on Comcast (disclosure: long) and the cable industry in general last night and thought I'd put some pen to paper. The reason for the "thought swap" was (obviously) Comcast's recent bid to buy Sky, which is what I want to focus on here (I'll give […]

Markets in (semi)Panic

Posted On February 9, 2018
As I write this, markets are down ~5% on the year and maybe 11% from their all time highs reached in late January. Markets are up around 11% over the past year. Read that sentence again. It's a bit funny to title a blog post "markets in panic" when describing a market up 11% over […]

Thoughts on the market and where we see upside and opportunity

Posted On January 19, 2018
As I sat down to write my annual letter, I had just read "Are We in a Bubble? - Honestly: Yes" (from the always sublime Geoff Gannon), so I wanted to put some thoughts on market valuations down. My views ended up sharing a lot with this post from Albert Bridge Capital (I had already […]

Christmas Presents and Altaba $AABA $BABA

Posted On December 21, 2017
Happy Holidays! As a regular reader of this blog, I bet you’re wondering what I’m getting you for Christmas? Well, let me start by reminding you that this blog is free and you’re really greedy to be asking for something... just kidding, of course I’m getting you something! Next week I’ll be posting four of […]

Liberty day follow up and some other stuff

Posted On November 17, 2017
Some follow ups from the Liberty Investor Day and some other stuff I liked Liberty Investor Day As mentioned, I went to the Liberty Investor Day yesterday. It was good meeting up with a bunch of you; sorry if we had messaged back and forth and we didn’t manage to connect! I didn’t realize the […]

Liberty Investor day meet up

Posted On November 13, 2017
Given my obsession with Charter (disclosure: long) and the different Liberty trackers, it would be investing malpractice for me to skip the Liberty IR day this week, so I'll be heading there for the full day Thursday. If you're a fellow Liberty groupie and are planning on going / would like to meet up, shoot […]

A few quirky things that caught my eye

Posted On October 20, 2017
Based on my recent focus on Charter (CHTR, disclosure: long) and Netflix, you might figure I spend all of my time in the telecom / media space, but that's more a recent focus and, in general, I actually follow mostly smaller and quirkier companies. One of the things you learn quickly about smaller / quirkier […]

22 timeless lessons for our 22nd month

Posted On September 28, 2017
We launched my fund nearly 22 months ago. To commemorate the occasion, I wanted to share 22 timeless things I’ve learned in those 22 months. Overall thoughts on running a fund / portfolio Running a fund is easy. Having the vast majority of your net worth, your income, and your reputation tied into a fund […]

Some evolving thoughts on research

Posted On September 25, 2017
Ahhh so sorry for the lack of posts. I mean to post on here ~once a week, but it’s always a struggle. Why's it such a struggle? Say I research somewhere between three to five companies in a week and don’t like any of them. Should I still write about one? Why? What upside is […]
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