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I am a manic researcher, and this premium service will reflect that research-mania.  While I can’t promise that every idea I publish will be profitable for my investors and my readers, I can promise that every piece will offer a differentiated perspective, deep thorough research, and a portfolio manager’s mindset on the potential return relative to the risks.  

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The name, Yet Another Value Blog, suggests it’s just another run of the mill finance blog. I can promise you, that’s not the case.

Andrew is one of the most thoughtful finance writers out there in my opinion, particularly his thoughts on the cable and the media industry. If you don’t follow him on YAVB and Twitter, you definitely should.

- Alex

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I write at least one fully researched idea per month.  An example would be my February post on the WWE.  I’m not going to write up sub-par ideas if I can’t find anything great.  So, I anticipate over-delivering in some months and underdelivering in others, but our Members should expect to have at least 12 Premium ideas each year.  

I also write a monthly update which includes any new information on our previous posts, as well as quick hits on topics/ideas that are interesting, including Special Situations.  

Ok, that’s pitch.  I hope you become a member, but if your still on the fence I encourage you to sign up for the free blog, or follow my twitter.

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