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Assured Guaranty: the bull case $AGO

Posted On September 17, 2020
Yesterday, I posted the bear case for AGO. Today, I wanted to dive into the bull cases. Just a quick summary of the bear case before we dive in: AGO is a financial guarantor. Your big worry with AGO is that most of their guarantees are against municipalities, and municipality budgets appear stretched, yet AGO […]

Assured Guaranty: the bear case $AGO

Posted On September 15, 2020
A consistent theme of this blog is my love of companies that repurchase their shares. My love of repurchases is pretty simple: if you believe a company's stock is undervalued, than there's basically no investment the company can make that has the same risk/reward as the company buying back their own shares. Whenever a company […]

Is $QRTEA a Textbook Malone Special Sit or a Classic Value Trap?

Posted On September 2, 2020
One of the best things about running a blog / podcast is that investors get to know your style and reach out to you with ideas that they think you'll like / fit your style. And I've got to say: after almost five years of running this blog, my readers know me really well, as […]

Premium Post: Can I offer you a combo special sit / asset play / compounder?

Posted On September 1, 2020
There are a lot of different types of investing that can work. I tend to gravitate more towards asset plays (this company owns $100 worth of assets and trades for $50). Some people like compounders more (companies they think can grow their net worth by 15%+ annually for decades, so even if they pay a […]

Some things and ideas: August 2020

Posted On August 31, 2020
Some random thoughts on articles that caught my attention in the last month. Note that I try to write notes on articles immediately after reading them, so there can be a little overlap in themes if an article grabs my attention early in the month and is similar to an article that I like later […]

Premium case study: Hanging with Mr. Cooper $COOP

Posted On August 27, 2020
Today's case study is on Mr. Cooper; which I posted in mid-May at <$9/share and has since run to >$18.

Premium Post: August monthly updates

Posted On August 25, 2020
Hi subs, Given almost every stock I’ve written about has reported earnings in the past few weeks, this month’s update post will focus on earnings updates. So tons of stuff to talk about! But, first, thank you so much for subscribing to the premium site! Second, a quick housekeeping. This month’s housekeeping has two parts: […]

Announcing YAVB Version 2.0

Posted On August 24, 2020
We are upgrading Yet Another Value Blog (YAVB).  Thanks to all the support from our readers and our premium members, we are announcing a few minor and a few major upgrades to the site. What does the upgrade mean? Well, we upgraded our servers and back end code, so all the major functions on the […]

Random thoughts on cable and wireless post Q2 earnings

Posted On August 17, 2020
I had a lot of interesting conversations about the cable / telecom sector on the heels of my podcast with The Science of Hitting. I wanted to share some of the thoughts coming out of those convos, so I've done so in bullet form below. Honestly, the conversations have been really interesting, so please feel […]
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