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Deceit, parody, or something else? $BMYRT's strange twitter account

Posted On December 30, 2020
I've spent a lot of time on BMY's CVR (BMY-R or BMYRT) over the past few years. On top of endlessly disclosing that CVRs are insanely risky and nothing on this blog or anything else I do is ever investing advice (a disclosure I will reiterate here, as well as noting nothing on here is […]

Ten Predictions for 2021, Part 2: Non-SPAC Edition

Posted On December 30, 2020
This is part 2 of my predictions for 2021. Part 2 centers on my non-SPAC predictions; you can find part 1, which focused on SPACs, here. Cable One (CABO) massively underperforms its cable peers Cruise stocks have a rough 2021 Free Radical media companies finally start to consolidate All the major movie theaters file for […]

Ten Predictions for 2021, Part 1: SPAC Edition

Posted On December 29, 2020
2020, on the whole, has been miserable. I suspect 2021 will be much brighter as the vaccine rolls out and the world normalizes. So I've been thinking a lot about 2021, and I wanted to put out some predictions for the year. But I've also been a little obsessed with two things recently: the SPAC […]

Peloton: Fitbit 2.0, or Netflix 2.0? $PTON

Posted On December 28, 2020
I love exercising. I do it basically every day (well, once a week I'll generally take a White Claw inspired day off). I used to do it two times a day, and I'd still like to if I could, but as I've gotten older time demands have generally precluded two work outs a day. Still, […]

Quickie idea / Christmas Gift: Collectors Universe Bumpitrage $CLCT

Posted On December 21, 2020
This post is a special post. It doubles as both my Christmas present to you, and a continuation of my "“quickie” idea" series. Now, I know what you're thinking. "How thoughtful of Andrew to get me a Christmas present!!!! But man, this is awkward. I didn't get him anything!" And the good news is I'm […]

December premium update

Posted On December 18, 2020
Hi subs, Before we get to the updates- first, thank you so much for subscribing to the premium site! Second, a quick housekeeping. This month’s housekeeping has three parts: The premium site is still a work in progress, feedback is very much appreciated. In particular, feedback on what you’d like to see in the monthly […]

History Rhymes: $FB attacks $MTCH / $ANGI

Posted On December 16, 2020
This morning, ANGI stock fell ~5% on a news story that Facebook was plotting a rival service. If you just thought about that announcement in a vacuum, ANGI's stock going down would make sense. In fact, you might even find a drop of only 5% a little puzzling. Facebook is probably the most powerful corporation […]

Playing Moneyball with $RBAC

Posted On December 14, 2020
Over the past month, I've done three posts on SPAC / option trades: The curious case of PSTH’s options, assessing IPOC’s options, and a premium only post. Of those three, I'd say the most popular was PSTH, the most ignored was IPOC (perhaps correctly, as they set their shareholder vote for Jan. 6 literally one […]

Premium Post: One more SPAC-"option arb"

Posted On December 11, 2020
Recently I’ve posted two articles on taking advantage of SPACs with high volatility: The curious case of PSTH’s options, and assessing IPOC’s options. The basics behind these trades are simple: volatility on some of these SPACs is absolutely off the charts, and if you structure the options correctly you can take advantage of that optionality […]

Assessing $IPOC's options

Posted On December 9, 2020
I've been writing online for years, and "the curious case of PSTH's options" had, by far, the most engagement of any investment idea I've ever posted. Perhaps the idea is just that compelling (and I think it is rather compelling!), perhaps my other ideas have not been as compelling as I like to think (perish […]
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