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Quickie idea: renting some $RESI

Posted On May 7, 2020
This post is another in a series I plan do on an irregular basis. A “quickie” idea is an investment specific idea that I’ve been mulling over and find interesting, but haven’t dove fully into yet.

Some things and ideas: April 2020

Posted On April 30, 2020
Some random thoughts on articles that caught my attention in the last month. Note that I try to write notes on articles immediately after reading them, so there can be a little overlap in themes if an article grabs my attention early in the month and is similar to an article that I like later […]

Yet another guide to media stocks, Part 5a: Corona impacts

Posted On April 28, 2020
Hi! Welcome to Part 5a of Yet Another Guide to media stocks. Today’s post will cover how COVID is impacting the media sector. Before diving in, I’d highly encourage you to check out the intro section to the guide, which goes over why I’m doing this and dives into the most important thing hitting the […]

Renting some space in $IWG $IWGFF

Posted On April 27, 2020
This article is quite long. The bottom line is I think IWG (LSE listed: IWG; disclosure: long) is extremely cheap and, while near term results will be poor, they're likely to emerge from the current environment stronger. Below is a three bullet summary of the investment thesis

Liberty's no longer #trackersforlife $LSXMA $FWONA $LYV $SIRI

Posted On April 24, 2020
A few years ago, I was reviewing Liberty Media's investor day and noticed a funny typo in Bloomberg's transcript. Instead of Greg Maffei (Liberty's CEO) saying they would treat shareholders well, the transcript had Greg saying they would "mistreat" shareholders. I posted it and tagged Greg, and he responded that they were in the tracking […]

Corona dislocation and alpha potential

Posted On April 12, 2020
In general, I've tried not to think much about macro over the past few years. I much preferred to think about micro (company specific) ideas. Obviously, Corona has thrown a lot of that into question: for a lot of companies, whether they're investable or not depends on how long the economic shutdown lasts. As an […]

Buffett and airlines $BRK $DAL $UAL $LUV

Posted On April 7, 2020
Over the weekend, Berkshire filed a filed forms that showed them blowing out of their positions in Southwest and Delta. It was a pretty surprising move: Berkshire had been buying pretty aggressively as recently as a month ago, Buffett had been singing the airlines praises pretty consistently for the past few years, and Buffett had […]

Announcing Yet Another Value Blog Premium

Posted On April 6, 2020
I am excited to share that I am launching a premium (read: paid) version of Yet Another Value Blog. If you're interested, you can check it out here.

Commercial rent payments questions

Posted On April 3, 2020
One of the places I've been spending the most time thinking about and looking at is anything connected to commercial real estate (I mentioned some thoughts on malls here and I've covered some distressed prefs too). There's never been a dislocation like today's, with huge swatchs of the economy forced to close and all sorts […]

Non-April Fools' post: some "shower thoughts" on the post-Corona investing environment

Posted On April 1, 2020
My wife and I have a joke about something we call "shower thoughts." Shower thoughts are thoughts that have some combination of complexity, deepness, and quirkiness; for example, yesterday her shower thought was "People under house arrest must feel so lucky right now; it's not even a punishment since it's what they'd have to do […]
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