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Cruise ship pirates: how $OSW's management plundered their shareholders

Posted On June 11, 2020
Yesterday I saw perhaps the strangest (financial) press release I've ever seen. OneSpaWorld (OSW) issued a press release applauding Stifel for publishing a research report that acknowledged OSW did not have enough cash to pay down their revolver and remain solvent.

Two brief updates

Posted On May 29, 2020
Updates on two ideas.

Some things and ideas: May 2020

Posted On May 29, 2020
Some random thoughts on articles that caught my attention in the last month. Note that I try to write notes on articles immediately after reading them, so there can be a little overlap in themes if an article grabs my attention early in the month and is similar to an article that I like later […]

Confused, part deux

Posted On May 19, 2020
Earlier today, I put up a post on how confused I was by the current environment (the post was aptly titled "Confused"). Judging by my DMs / emails, I'm not the only one who's confused, and a lot of people felt a little relieved that there was yet another person who was bewildered by the […]


Posted On May 19, 2020
I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I don't think I've ever spent so much time thinking about the "macro" picture. Honestly, I don't like it. My passion lies in looking at individual businesses and quirky situations, not trying to decipher the the trajectory of the economy or how a virus will spread / […]

Should you hang with Mr. Cooper?

Posted On May 18, 2020
Current environment creates significant industry risk and opportunity.

Taubman: an update post earnings

Posted On May 12, 2020
An update on our first idea.... A preferred way to play Taubman, which was the first idea posted to the premium site.

Comcast: buy the cable business, get everything else for (almost) free? $CMCSA

Posted On May 8, 2020
I spend a lot of time looking at and thinking about the cable / telecom / media sectors, and you can't spend any time on either of those without thinking about / looking at Comcast (CMCSA) given their ownership of Xfinity (the largest cable company in the U.S.) and NBC (one of the largest media […]
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