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Welcome to Yet Another Value Blog Premium

Investment Theses
Monthly Thoughts & Ideas

Premium Post: Can I offer you a combo special sit / asset play / compounder?

Posted On September 1, 2020
There are a lot of different types of investing that can work. I tend to gravitate more towards asset plays (this company owns $100 worth of assets and trades for $50). Some people like compounders more (companies they think can grow their net worth by 15%+ annually for decades, so even if they pay a […]

Premium Post: August monthly updates

Posted On August 25, 2020
Hi subs, Given almost every stock I’ve written about has reported earnings in the past few weeks, this month’s update post will focus on earnings updates. So tons of stuff to talk about! But, first, thank you so much for subscribing to the premium site! Second, a quick housekeeping. This month’s housekeeping has two parts: […]

Premium Post: Buying some insurance

Posted On August 3, 2020
This insurance company could easily be worth double today's share price.

Premium Post: Wondering on when....

Posted On July 23, 2020
Probably not a sale candidate (yet), but a double or more if and when it happens. I’ve been debating writing this company up for the premium site for a while. On a risk/reward basis, this company is my favorite idea: it’s in a sector I know and love, it’s a huge beneficiary of COVID / work from home, and I think the stock is screamingly cheap. However, the company is rather levered, smaller, and has been written up elsewhere a few times, so I’ve been hesitant to put them on the premium blog. However, recent events have changed that: an unlikely potential catalyst has emerged, and if it comes to pass shares could easily more than double in a very short time frame. Given that, I felt it would be a disservice not to write them up. Plus, I’ve written so many ideas this month I figured you wouldn’t hold it against me if I added one more that had already been written a bit elsewhere!

Premium Post: A more worthy play on Nikola's craziness

Posted On July 6, 2020
NKLA is a speculative bubble, but here's a way to play the bubble for free.

Premium Post: This stone cold steal of a deal should result in some capital gains....

Posted On July 1, 2020
In hindsight, I’m not sure we’ll ever see a weirder period for M&A than February 2020. Companies were getting bought for big numbers, only to turn out to be worthless a few months later.

Premium Post: Not a fit for ETFs, this company is well oversold

Posted On June 1, 2020
A summary given time sensitivity.

Should you hang with Mr. Cooper?

Posted On May 18, 2020
Current environment creates significant industry risk and opportunity.

Taubman: an update post earnings

Posted On May 12, 2020
An update on our first idea.... A preferred way to play Taubman, which was the first idea posted to the premium site.

Sharing an office investment

Posted On April 20, 2020
Cheap valuation with multibagger opportunity if the franchise optionality works out.

Premium post: September premium update

Posted On September 22, 2020
Two updates and one new idea

Premium Post: July Monthly Thoughts and Updates

Posted On July 13, 2020
One idea and four updates.

Premium Post: June Monthly Thoughts and Updates

Posted On June 11, 2020
Two new ideas and three updates.

Two brief updates

Posted On May 29, 2020
Updates on two ideas.

Premium Post: May Monthly Thoughts and Updates

Posted On May 13, 2020
Four things on my mind.

Premium Post: April Monthly Thoughts and Updates

Posted On April 13, 2020
Three things on my mind.