Markets in meltdown: a quick note

I just wanted to put a quick note out there given the absolute carnage in the market and basically the whole world over the past few weeks..

It has been an insanely stressful time over the past few weeks. Basically everything has blown up. Are there bargains to be found? Absolutely.

But I don't want to talk about any of that in this post. Instead, I want to highlight something a bit different. Basically every other investor or human being I've talked to over the past few days has been bombed out. Is the system going to collapse? What am I going to do if it does? Etc. Those are all reasonable questions, and I honestly don't have any answers. Things are going to be weird for a long, long time.

So what I wanted to do wit this was highlight one thing: don't do anything stupid. I mean that for all humans in (stay inside, follow directives, etc.). But obviously most of the people I talk to are finance folks, so a messsage specifically for them: don't do anything stupid or hurt yourself. This will pass, and we will get through it. Feel free to slide into my DMs if you need anything.

Yes, I know it's a cheesy message and not what I generally post, but the degree of worry and anxiety out there is palpable (and for good reason, and I certainly include myself in the hyper worried camp). So I wanted to post this friendly reminder in case it can help anyone.