Non-Gaap on the Corporate Dark Arts (plus pod now on iTunes!)

Just a quick update on the podcast: Episode 3 (an interview with Mike from Non-Gaap) is up; you can find it on all the major podcast platforms including Spotify and now iTunes. I've also posted the video if you'd like to see our shining faces and my outrageous pirate T-Shirt. I'm obviously a huge fanboy of Mike / Non-Gaap, and I thought the conversation was awesome.

In case you missed the first two episodes, the first was with Jeremy Raper and we focused on SNEX, and the second was Elliot Turner with a focus on Dropbox. I thought both were fantastic conversations, and both are quite timely as the two companies reported earnings last night (by the way, my friends at Daloopa were kind enough to provide an updated Dropbox model on the heels of earnings last night if you're interested in diving deeper there).

At this point, I think the podcast is set up and good to go going forward. We're on all the major podcast hosts at this point, but if there's one you use that we're not on shoot me a line and I'll try to get added. I had some audio issues with the first two pods, but I think those have been fixed for the third. Given the pod is up and running, I'm going to be posting about the podcast much less on the blog going forward, so I'd encourage you to subscribe to the podcast if you're interested.

Also note that just because I'm posting less on the podcast doesn't mean I don't want to hear from you! If you have suggestions for the podcast, whether that's stocks you'd like to hear about, investors you'd like interviewed, or just general suggestions, please feel free to let me know!