Yet Another Value Podcast is now live

A follow up on last week's podcast announcement.

Episode #1 with Jeremy Raper of is now live. You can find it on Spotify here or on YouTube here (an iTunes link is coming; despite a >trillion dollar market cap, Apple still hasn't figured out how to approve new podcasts in a timely fashion). Yes, that YouTube link is a working video, so you can see our beautiful faces. I even went and got a haircut and shaved and everything to prep to be on video (it was about time; I had done neither since COVID hit and I had noticed people were starting to walk to the other side of the street to avoid me.....).

Episode #2 with Elliot Turner literally just finished recording and will be up shortly.

Obviously, the podcast is a work in progress. The sound quality on my end is ok but not great; I've ordered a new mic to address that. The YouTube video could be a lot better; I didn't realize Zoom default recorded as a call and not in split screen. But both of those issues will improve with time / with me becoming a functional editor. The real takeaway here is I've enjoyed both of the first two interview, and I'm excited for some more. I think you will be too.

If you have any suggestions for the podcast, I'm all ears. In particular, if you have any guests you'd like to hear from or stocks you'd like discussed, I'm very open to suggestions for podcast #3. Please don't be shy of emailing and saying "I think I'd make a good interview!" if you're particularly knowledgeable on a topic / company!

PS- I also went on the science of hitting's pod last night to talk cable earnings. I know; I'm a podcast fiend. It was a fun discussion, so if you're interested in cable or just my sulty tones, I encourage you to check it out!