Moving to Substack

Let me just start with the bottom line: going forward, I'm moving the entire blog over to substack (to If you want to keep getting new posts in your inbox/rss feed (or wherever you get it), please head on over to substack and subscribe there (if you subscribe to the premium site, you don't need to do anything; we worked with substack to make sure you were already set up over there). If you have any issues with the switch to substack (whether you're a free or paid sub!), please reach out and let me know (though I suspect it's unlikely there will be any issues!)

So that's the high level overview. If you want one takeaway / action item point from this post, that's it: I'm moving to substack, and I'd appreciate it if you follow me there.

If you want a little bit of a deeper explanation of why I'm moving there, read on.

I love writing this blog (and hosting my podcast!); with any luck, I'm hoping I'll still be writing this blog decades from now.

But I hate the random technical issues and such that pop up with managing a website on my own. I'm not crazy technically sophisticated, and every now and then something on the site "breaks" and it drives me crazy. An example might demonstrate this best: longtime readers know that I do a monthly "things and ideas" post on the last day of every month. Last month's post got posted May 1 (a Saturday) instead of April 30 (a Friday). Why the delay? Because my site broke and I had to rewrite half of the article.

That was a uniquely bad experience, but once or twice a month something small with the website will break and take a few hours to fix.

That type of stuff simply doesn't happen with substack. It just works.

So my hope is that by switching to substack, I can eliminate all of those little headaches that accrue every month and spend more time doing what I like (and what I hope I'm good at!): researching investment ideas, writing articles, doing the podcast, etc.

PS- historical posts will remain hosted here, and I link to past posts pretty frequently, so if you're a frequent reader I'm sure you'll be coming back to the old blog every now and then!