Premium case study: Kontoor Brands $KTB

Posted June 24, 2020

I recently went on "the special situations podcast", and on it I mentioned my premium service's June idea, Kontoor Brands (KTB). I'd been weighing posting premium ideas publicly once they'd played out as part case studies / part advertisements. I don't think KTB has fully played out yet (though it has partially played out with […]


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1 month ago

LEVI is the better company in terms of organic growth, operating profits and balance sheet with mo net debt. It is expected that a levered company like KTB goes down more in terms of share price, but roughly the same amount in terms of EV and that’s what we are seeing here, imo.

Elie B. Rubin
Elie B. Rubin
27 days ago

When do you expect SDY to start buying shares again?