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Announcing YAVB Version 2.0

Posted August 24, 2020

We are upgrading Yet Another Value Blog (YAVB).  Thanks to all the support from our readers and our premium members, we are announcing a few minor and a few major upgrades to the site.

What does the upgrade mean? Well, we upgraded our servers and back end code, so all the major functions on the site are going to be a little faster, a little sleeker, and little better overall. We're also adding the Yet Another Value Podcast to the site (in addition to on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube). If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast, I'd encourage you to check it out; as a blog reader, I'm positive you'd enjoy the podcast. I did two pods last week: the first was with the brilliant Mario Cibelli from Marathon; we talked his investing background, his starring role in Netflixed, and his current investment in Uber (PS: my friends at Daloopa built an Uber model out for the pod if you're interested). The second was with Byrne Hobart from the Diff on his "death of FANG+" series (which I was pleased to help inspire in a small way!). Byrne is one of my favorite writers and thinkers out there, and the conversation was an absolute blast.

The other big piece of the site update is that YAVB Premium is also getting a makeover. I’ve been running YAVB Premium, our members only site, on Substack. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m thrilled with how quickly we’re growing. The interactions with me and the other members have been really good, and the feedback has been excellent. So, thank you to all our Premium Members!

As part of the site upgrade, YAVB Premium will now be hosted directly on this site ( in addition to on substack. What does this mean for our Premium Members? You can come to one place for all our content and to manage your subscription to make it seamless. I’ll have a lot more control over how the Premium site looks and functions and we’ll be able to add new features and continually improve the experience. Premium Members won’t have to go to Substack to get access and new subscribers can sign up for Premium directly on the blog

(Note for current members: if you like using Substack, ignore this and just go about your business because we’re going to keep posting all our premium content on Substack too. Or if you'd like access to both, we can make that work too!)

If you are not a Premium Member today, please consider joining!  The price is going to be increasing from $399/year to $499/year starting on September 1st.  So if you’ve been considering it, we’d love to have you as part of our growing community and you can lock in the lower rate!  You can sign up at Yet Another Value Blog Premium (or substack, if you'd prefer)

Please read our disclaimer at

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